Suviniemi > Overview

Cottage Suviniemi is located in Tammela and it is fit for winter habitation. The cottage is located in a beautiful peninsula by Ojajärvi Lake. The Cottage has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a big living room, a hall, a washroom and a sauna. There is also a big porch and a separate electrified barbeque hut, where you can make delicious food even when the weather is bad. There are stage, a rowing boat, an area for barbequing and outdoor sockets availible for use. The lakeside is sunny and suitable for swimmers.

The standard of equipment is high-grade in this cottage including a shower, an indoor toilet, a television, a microwave oven, a fridge, a stove, a CD player, electric heating, a fireplace and a wood-heated sauna.

The changing day is Sunday when renting the whole week and Friday when renting only the weekend. These days are directional and changeable, so contact us if these days are impractical for your stay. Arrival time is usually at 16 o’clock (4pm) and departure time is 12 o’clock (12pm/noon). Prices may vary depending on the seasons, always check the price for your desired rent period by sending us a message via email.